Sunday, April 20, 2014


never been a wallpaper lover but recently doing a project where used some
so have been collecting favorites and found some new ones to share

andrew martin-uk-all his papers are mostly stocked and well priced
view by collection-well priced-good backgrounds you wish were real
museum collection-favorites:cargo, pinboard, studio

engineer collection-favorites:atlantis, crackle, luggage, regent

navigator collection-favorites:eton, love letter, newton, library

library colors-just used stone
wall & deco-italy-for murals and rooms-interior and exterior
favorite exterior papers

some favorite indoor papers

they will do some custom work

used picture frame paper but came on textured vinyl so they printed it for me on smooth paper and did background only for ceiling
deborah bowness-uk
caution:paper very sensitive-had to seal it first before installing
glass tableware
really high end papers
cg surface-callidus guild-brooklyn
beautiful waxy textures
sinuous collection

painted papers and panels
gracie studio-antique panels and paper available also

some new metallic favorites
phillip jeffries-us great weaves-stocked
ordered pewter metallic over woven
twigs wallpaper-us-la-sold at portola paints
hand printed damasks-custom capabilities
imperiale pattern
beautiful renaissance colors
i needed silver and portola worked with them to do a custom metallic and here's what we fabricated

i will follow up with more photos when installation is finished

Sunday, March 30, 2014


fort home
roman forts and hill forts were the main antecedents of castles in europe, which emerged in the 9th century in the carolingian empire
a strong place usually surrounded by walls
means strong in french

from huffington post 03/24/14

artist designs surreal futuristic forts that can withstand natural disaster

dauphin island off coast of alabama in gulf of mexico by dionisio gonzalez

stone home found on pinterest
old fort, muscat
the comfort of security

leacanabuaile fort, ireland
jaisalmer fort, india

fort lupin, batardeau

hill forts of rajasthan

Sunday, March 2, 2014

concrete furniture and luccon

i love and adore concrete
for buildings exteriors and interiors alike

i am excited about this new material made of cement

i always check out material connexion for newest textiles and materials on market

widely used for sinks, planters but here are
some interesting applications in furniture

toncelli kitchen island progetto 50
glass soft concrete freestanding tub
factory furniture camden bench
nola grid chair
portland cement pendant lamp
ep9 concrete pendant light
billiard table made by dewulf concrete in la no longer in business but may have seen it at james perse
pennoyer newman

poesis pulp chair and sofa